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“I came to see Sarah after my dog Toby suffered a Fibrocartilagenous Embolism. The work Sarah has put in over the past five months has been second to none. Toby has improved tremendously thanks to Sarah’s dedication and patience.  Toby didn’t always make life easy for her the more mobile he became! I am so grateful to Sarah for helping me get my cheeky chappy back to his old self”

Amanda Emson,


"We met Sarah in March and she has treated our dog Missy since then. She has spent a lot of time explaining what she does and why and even shown us how to do all the exercises with Missy ourselves. Missy is virtually back to normal, she loves seeing Sarah. We can’t thank her enough and we have made a very good friend"

Brian and Lynne Clark,
Clowne, Derbyshire


"I thoroughly recommend Sarah as a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist for her expertise, her results and her straightforward and honest approach. Sarah is also a part time senior physiotherapist in the NHS with a thorough understanding of the complex issues of humans. "
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Simon Pollard, BSc(Hons), BVM&S, Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics), MRCVS.


"Sarah is a very dedicated lady, and treats both of our animals as though they are the most precious things in creation (to us, they are!!!!) and is well worth the money. Her advice has made a difference to all of our dogs, not just the two she has treated (we now know how to properly “stretch” them all prior to working)."
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Eileen and Michelle Ainsworth,


Case Study

Meet Bramble, a 7 year old Clumber Spaniel.

Bramble was referred to me by the vets at Chestergates Referral Hospital, Chester. She had a history of spinal chord infection which left her with hind limb paralysis as you can see from the first clip (above).


The second clip (above) is Bramble a few months later following treatment, walking in the underwater treadmill at Aquavet Hydrotherapy Centre.

Bramble was treated with a combination of therapies including:

NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) to strengthen the leg muscles preventing atrophy and
spacercontractures while she was unable to do this for herself
passive range of movements to maintain her joint and muscle range while she was non-ambulatory
soft tissue work to prevent stiffness and soreness in her front legs and back from having to work too hard to
spacercompensate for her hind limb weakness
hydrotherapy involving swimming and walking on the under water treadmill-these are excellent ways to
spacerencourage early motor function
walking in a supportive sling to encourage gait patterning and strengthening
lots of balance and co-ordination exercises to stimulate motor responses, strength and functional
spaceractivity whilst the nerve pathways regenerate

Brambles vets are delighted with her recovery, she is still showing progressive improvement in her walking ability and we will continue to work hard with her to allow her to achieve her maximum function as her neuromuscular re-education continues.